Sketch FX – Photo effect

About This Project

Sketch FX creates a realistic looking sketch from your image with only one click.
Best suitable are sources like portraits or object images.



After creating the sketch, it can be edited like:

  • unhide the “sketch_image_color”
  • hide or modifiy the overlay effects
  • color the crosshatching strokes
  • change the background color or use one of the 7 preset colors

It‘s as simple as that

  1. Mask the area of the source image that should be sketched.
  2. Click “sketch it now!”
  3. Customize the overlay effects, hachure stroke and background colors

Automatic optimization

When creating the sketch, the source will automatically be optimized.

  • best effect setup
  • resize small images
  • center masked areas

Good to know

  • The source image always remains unaffected
  • The color mode of the output image ist always RGB with a resolution of 72dpi
  • Optimized the longest side is min. 3000 px
  • The Sketch FX tool is language independent
  • Works with PC and MAC

What you get

  • Installer to load the Sketch FX into the FX Box in Photoshop CC-2014 or newer
  • Short Instructions PDF + install video tutorial


  • Photoshop CC-2014 – CC-2019 on PC
  • Photoshop CC-2014 – CC-2019 on MAC

This Plugin is language-independent. Therefore you do NOT change your Photoshop language setup.



What you need:

- min. Photoshop CC-2014 or newer
- the free FX Box plugin

FX Box, Photo Effects