Free BrowserBee V2 – Browser Mockup Builder

About This Project

Frame your website layout

Present your website layout as a browser view or just use BrowserBee as a Browser Preview for your website designs. The Photoshop plugin will help you to put your website layout in one of 15 browser variants with only one click. Your original layout will stay untouched of course.

BrowserBee works with every document size up from 800 x 400 px. If existing in the original browser you may edit the favicon (via SmartObject) , the page name and the URL very easy. You can easy change the background color.

Features Overview

  • 15 One-Click Browser views
  • editable web URL
  • editable page name
  • editable favicon
  • editable background color

You’ve got the choice between 15 different Browser variants – 5 current, 4 classic, 5 sketch browsers and one abstract, flat designed browser:

  • Chrome – Current, Classic, Sketch
  • Firefox – Current, Classic, Sketch
  • Edge / Internet Explorer – Current, Classic, Sketch
  • Safari – Current, Classic, Sketch
  • Opera – Current, Classic, Sketch
  • Flat

What you get

– Installer to load the BrowserBee as FX Tool into the FX Box in Photoshop CC-2014 or newer
– Short Instructions PDF

– Photoshop CC-2014, CC-2018 on PC
– Photoshop CC-2014, CC-2018 on MAC


This Plugin is language-independent. Therefore you do NOT change your Photoshop language setup.


What you need:

- min. Photoshop CC-2014 or newer
- the free FX Box plugin

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